Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Maped Freewiter Ball Point Pen 1.0

Shoot, have I really written "Frewriter"? Excuse me, this year's summer camp was really exhausting.

I found only one place that sold the refills and they are stating that those refills are discontinued now. So it's refillable as long as you can locate the refills - which seems to be quite a brain-teaser. Or maybe you can find a compatible refill. But it's a fairly good pen and can withstand really tough camp conditions. I was not expecting much from a 1.0 mm point, but I was pleasantly surprised. No skipping, no globs or blobs, comfortable grip and cool design. I prefer my fountain pens, but the summer camp conditions are not as great for fountain pens and inks, so this was a pleasant experience. 

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