Thursday, 7 November 2013

Invisible Ink Quick and Easy

Yesterday I wanted to note something down, took out my Pilot Frixion, started to write - and nothing happened. As I haven't used it for a long time, I thought that the ball is dry and that I have to prime it. So I started to scribble on a piece of paper - nothing. I unscrewed the refill part - the refill is half full. So I scribbled a bit and luckily tilted my head to discover that there is a bit of wet trail behind the pen.

Oh yes!

I have heard about people filling some paperwork with Pilot Frixion and then accidentaly leaving it in the hot car, but I've never heard of anybody who has overheated the whole pen. (I must admit that I was curious if the pen starts to write in invisible ink if it's hot, but didn't plan this experiment)

I remember having the pen on my summer camp and because it was in August, the days were still pleasantly warm. It looks like I have placed my pencase with my clothes and other things to let it dry in the sunshine.

So I put the paper in the freezer just to see if the doodles turn up - and yes, they did.

The pen was not used for really long time (maybe half a year), so it's obvious that it took some scratching to start it. I placed the pen in the freezer overnight... and it writes again. The colour is a bit lighter than it used to be, but I don't mind, I'm happy that it writes.

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