Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: PaperMate InkJoy 500 RT

I wasn't too thrilled to find that this pen has a 1.0 mm ball, because I tend to prefer needle-tips and often find broad ballpoints skippy or too broad for my small handwriting, but this experience was not so bad. The pen is light in the hand and does not feel like it's going to cause you hand fatigue or cramps when writing extensively. The grip is rubberized and does not slip between your fingers. 

Let's see how it writes: (excuse my grammar mistakes)

Is my handwriting legible for you? (I'll try to figure out how to set the picture to read it comfortably. Just give me some time.)

Here you can see the colour-changing ink in action:
On the first picture the ink is really black. I mean a nice black. Not a greyish one. Also the globbing is not as bad.

And this is how the pen wrote after about an hour on the second page. The ink changed to something grey and also the globbing is much more visible.

I like the packaging. Maybe it's not really environmentally-friendly, but I like the blue-orange combination. 

I bought this pen on clearance, the black one for 25 CZK (1,25 USD or 1 EUR) and the blue one for 15 CZK (0,75 USD or 0,6 EUR). For such a little amount of money it is not a bad pen. Certainly it's one of the better ballpoints with broader tips. I wasn't really excited about the globs and colour changes but it writes smoothly and doesn't skip, which would bother me more. My notebooks won't be displayed publicly like Leonardo da Vinci's, but I still need them to be legible and this is better achieved with a colour-changing pen than a skippy pen.

+ smooth writing
+ doesn't smear (even the globs don't smear much)

- colour changing
- globbing

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  1. Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your blog.

    Kurt Navratil, Roanoke, Va

  2. Your handwriting is so nice! Thanks for doing this review - I don't think I'll buy it now.