Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Just found out...

Wow! I happen to like two pens. One of them is a ballpoint and one of them is a gel pen. And I just discovered that both of them are made in China (which is not suprising, actually most of the common pens sold here are manufactured in China) and both of them are made by the same company - Techjob. I will post a review of the gel pen later and I am sure I will also write something about the needle-point ballpoint, because I simply fell in love with them. It takes me almost three years to finish the ballpoint refill (actually I am partly convinced that it's the neverending one like the salt container depicted by Czech TV fairy-tale There Once Was A King). Made in China does not stand for low-quality product here. Or was I only lucky?

The difference between this and other stationery blogs is that Zebra, Uni-ball and other well-known products sold in UK and US are either over-expensive here and/or almost or totally unavailable, so the review material must be different. I've seen some products labelled Zebra in Tesco in nearby city of Ostrava, but I am almost convinced that it's not the same Zebra that makes Sarassa and Surari. I'll investigate on this matter later when Back to school sales start.

And I also bought a pack of 18 PaperMate by Reynolds strawberry scented rose ink catridges with an ink eraser and rewriter (you know - the thing that erases with one end and you can rewrite the erased part with the other end). And also a 4-pack of PaperMate InkJoy 300 RT's. I've read quite bad reviews so I am excited to give it a try. Both these packs cost me 25 CZK (about 1 € or 0,8 GBP). Yes, I love sales and clearances!

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